Hey, guys! So I came up with a cool/geeky “challenge/game” to do.

Comment what your favorite video made by Leda was and check out who liked the same video!

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fuckyeah-hailedabear asked:
On twitter a while ago kat said that account is fake.

The LedaBunnyMuir one?

If Kat herself has claimed it to be a fake account, then it is fake. How rude can people be to impersonate Leda and post things like the tweets I have seen?

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Leda’s Twitter??

So I was recently told that Leda Muir has left open a twitter page besides her Scinon account which she, indeed, delete. I will not be a judge and sit here saying whether it is or isn’t her account.

BUT, I will say this: “If /YOU/, yourself, decide as a Leda fan that you would like to follow that twitter page, that is entirely your choice.”

If it is truly Leda’s only way for her to reassure her fans that she is doing fine, I hope for those who truly need that reassurance, that she comes online whenever she feels it is necessary to tell you all she is okay.

If it IS NOT Leda’s account, then it’s just a Leda impersonator trying to hurt other people, and that is not cool.

With all that being said it is up to YOU Leda fans to decide whether or not you believe it is her account/ or whether you would like to persue your effort into it.

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myunbreakablebones asked:
Hey do you guys know about her last and only account? It's on Twitter, she's leaving it up for just updates here and there. ( @LedaBunnieMuir )

Well at least that’s a way Leda fans can find reassurance from her!

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Anonymous asked:
I don't understand why kat would have leda's fans send her things when she's trying to get AWAY from the internet. It's almost the same thing just with a third party.

Kat was trying to do something nice by showing Leda that her fans care for her despite what all the negative comments the “haters” would say. It was a way for her to show Leda that she… maybe was actually loved by more people than hated?

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Before I leave this account for two weeks, give or take a couple, I’ll reblog the thing with Kat and her information one last time. Also, she ‘ll be doing it for a week or two, so get your last word out to Leda to help her feel better. 

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Anonymous asked:
Do you think you could make a photoset thats basically a timeline of leda's real hair within the past year?

I can, but it would take time that just do not have anymore. After today I’m not sure how active this blog will be due to my lack of internet connection at home and how tedious it is to do things on mobile. A better blog to ask would be LedaMuirDailyPics, I’m sure one of the admins can help you out. I’m sorry.